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Imagine your Finance Manager gliding through his menu presentation process where he ALWAYS:
  • Conducts a succinct and valuable interview

  • Explains factory and dealer warranties in a manner that pre-sells VSC and other products

  • Displays the base principal and interest payment

  • Effectively uses graphics and stories embedded in the interactive electronic menu process to elegantly educate and entertain the customer during the menu presentation

  • Our technology provides personalized objection handling techniques to instantly respond to hard and soft objections

  • Gathers all aftermarket contracts electronically from vendors

  • Digitally signs all aftermarket contracts

  • Processes the sale and paperwork at record speeds

  • Tracks all activities to allow your F&I Manager to discover the most successful sales path

We have built the only compliant, self-training menu tool that allows even average F&I managers to become world-class salespeople.


By embedding the sales training into the menu presentation product, each time your F&I manager performs a delivery, he is enhancing his own sales skills. Just as importantly, the menu guides your manager through an entertaining and informative sales track that allows him to deeply penetrate products not only on finance deals but on cash deals as well!

The first menu product that actually aids your Finance manager in elegantly handling objections on VSC and other aftermarket products with routines instantly personalized to the specific customer with whom he is talking.

Have you ever wondered why your Cash Customers buy service contracts at 1/6 the rate as your Finance Customers?


Because, until now, finance managers have had no selling tool for value buyers. Current menu products only effectively present payment scenarios; Thus they only work on payment buyers. They are ineffective with the value customers.


We guarantee we have the solutions.

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