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Experience the Heart Difference

Heart helps dealers like you greatly increase income and achieve awesome results through processes and technology by focusing on a few areas within the purchase experience as well as your customer's ownership experience after they leave your dealership.

The Sales Experience

Our goal is to help your staff give the customer the greatest purchase experience they have ever had. Your staff will do this by using our unique processes and technology to greatly reduce the time needed to complete a purchase. 

  • It starts with the salesperson's process for getting a customer ready to go back to F&I. 

  • We ensure all required docs are both signed and stored electronically with our
    easy-to-use app. 

  • Sales will notify F&I once all the required customer information and documents are prepared. 

Our process not only greatly reduces the time to get back to the F&I office, but in most cases will eliminate any missing forms or missing information needed for F&I. Files that go back
to the F&I office are now perfect every time, they are no longer missing any documents
or required information!

The F&I Introduction

F&I loves the Heart process and knows we save them frustration and time. 

  • Once F&I is notified that the salesperson has completed their process, F&I immediately goes out and greets the customer. 

  • He thanks the salesperson for the deal, introduces himself to the customer as an owner experience manager, and explains his two most important goals. 

    • Creating the Greatest Purchase Experience and the Greatest Ownership Experience saving the customer thousands. 

    • He tells the customer exactly what will happen next and a timeline to expect.

The F&I Experience

F&I values us because we help them make more money, greatly reduce prep time as well time spent with the customer allowing them to see more customers. 

  • The Heart Experience App makes the menu presentation quick and interactive and almost all docs are signed and stored electronically. 

  • We walk customers through an expense-reducing ownership experience presentation that practically sells protection products by itself. But for the valued customer, our menu is prepared for them too! 

  • When we are done the F&I person scans any wet signed docs into our menu and pushes a button to email, fax, or upload a packet with all the required lender docs to the lender and the complete file to your back office at the same time.

The Customer Experience

The customer wins when we concentrate on the Customer Experience and saving the customer thousands over their ownership cycle. They have never had a dealer talk to them about lowering their total cost of ownership and saving them thousands before they buy their next vehicle. You win because you already know that the happiest customers are the ones that we usually make the most money on.

The Staff Experience

The Staff wins because we have created an easy to use process and technology that saves them lots of time, aggravation, helps them make more money by creating happier customers. This also helps staff to create that Team environment where everyone is working together to create the Greatest Purchase Experience.

What you can Expect
  • An in-depth analysis of your current F&I department that potentially finds profit leaks within department processes

  • A coaching experience tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses that challenges the molded way of thinking in the automotive industry

  • Provide an interesting and entertaining selling process that ensures the department exceeds their own expectations.

Business Meeting

We guarantee we have the solutions.

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