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About: Who We Are

We’ve been dealers, sat behind the sales manager's desk, spun deals in the F&I office, and most importantly, pounded the pavement as salespeople. We bring more to the table than just experience. One of our favorite sayings is "We don't know, what we don't know". So what's that mean? Well, unless you are pushing your limits and trying something new you will never know what's possible. You just won't know until you try it. Most people are doing what they currently do because that is what they know. Most things are done a certain way because well that's just the way they have always been done. Most people are performing at a certain level because that is truly all they believe is possible. We help dealers to see what's possible and help your employees to believe and achieve what's possible!  

Team up with Heart and what you will find through our extensive knowledge of processes, technology, and the strategic mind of two very successful businessmen, we’ve uncovered the key to transforming old and out-of-date purchase experiences into what we call the "Greatest Purchase Experience" anyone has ever seen. This experience is not just for your Customers, it's also just as important for your Sales People, Sales Managers, and your F&I Team to experience a brand new, extremely fast, time and mistake eliminating process with technology that will transform your current purchase experience into the "GREATEST PURCHASE EXPERIENCE". We help to create the most profitable months and years our dealers have ever seen. Our goal is to inspire and train your employees to work together as a team, to guide them to believe and achieve what's possible at your dealership!

If a Doctor prescribes treatment or medicine without first completing an evaluation to try and understand all the symptoms and the entire problem, well that is called malpractice. We believe every dealer is unique, we want to take the time to find out about you, your staff and your dealership through what we call a DNA (Dealer Needs Analysis). We bring our team into your dealership and meet with you and your employees to learn about each and every department and staff member to truly understand all the challenges and opportunities you are faced with. 

Time flies, so don't let this be something you know you need to do, but choose to put it in the someday file that you never get around to doing. Right now is the best time to start creating that experience at your dealership you know your customers and staff want and deserve.

Call us today and in a short discovery call we will:

  • Give you a quick background on Heart and how we help dealers like you achieve awesome results through processes and technology with our unique approach to the purchase experience. 

  • Second, we want to learn about you, your team, your goals, and then what barriers are stopping you from accomplishing these goals right now. 

  • Third, we would like to learn your expectations in working with us and explain the difference between Heart and everyone else out there. 

  • Lastly, our success is solely determined by our ability to find out what you want, why it's important to you, and then try our best to give it to you! 


By the end of our time together we should be able to determine if working together makes sense. We look forward to speaking with you, please don't put us in the someday file, the time is now!




Heart Dealer Financial Services is an experienced and enthusiastic team that works tirelessly to bring fresh, invaluable advice and processes to your dealership ensuring you receive unrivaled financial results in return.

The Experience

The Enthusiasm


Johnny Garlich

Johnny’s career has always been about bridging the gap between innovation and technology. At 60 years old, Johnny has written off a well-deserved retirement because he is having too much fun disrupting the financial services industry.

  • 1977 –Graduated from Stanford University

  • 1985 –Started his own dealership with VW and Subaru

  • 1991 –Moved into the insurance business to provide aftermarket services to automobile dealers

  • 1994 –Opened his own agency becoming one of the top producing aftermarket agencies in the country

  • 2009 –Started a new company, called Deliveries on Demand, to provide loan-closing services for auto dealers

  • 2014 –Changed the course of financial services by introducing a remote auto loan program for credit unions

  • 2015 –Taught himself how to code because he wanted to develop his own proprietary software

  • 2016 –Created an interactive selling process that, for the first time, takes on not only the presentation, but also the objection handling process

Jon Stubblefield

It has always been a goal of Jon’s to teach others what he was lucky enough to learn by working for some of the best dealer groups, owners, GM’s, managers, F&I managers, and salespeople in the business. Most recently Jon played an integral part helping a group selling over 800 cars per month jump almost $400 per car in just 90 days. 

  • 1994 – Started selling cars for the largest privately held automotive group in the nation. Learning some awesome processes and techniques to jumpstart his sales career.

  • 2001 - Moved into mortgages and started a mortgage company of his own quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in the area.

  • 2003 –Started a real estate company to complement the mortgage company and started investing in real estate.

  • 2006 –Sold his mortgage company to his partner to concentrate on real estate.

  • 2007 –Started a service contract company eventually selling over 2500 VSC per month.

  • 2012 –Got into F&I in Springfield, MO performed in the top 3% out of 350 F&I producers with the largest privately held automotive group in the nation.

  • 2014 –Moved back to STL and went on to multiple dealers running top numbers in F&I

  • 2018 –Helped a small Ford dealer add over $150k/mo in F&I income in less than 6 mo

  • 2019 –Ran over $2100 PVR and almost 80% VSC ytd, selling over 2 products per.

  • 2020 –Joined Heart and was an integral part of a $400 F&I PVR increase on over 800 cars a month at only 90 days in.


We guarantee we have the solutions.

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